Fantasia Horse Mousseum in Morocco – A not to Miss Event During Your Travel

Fantasia in Morocco

In Morocco, fantasia, the traditional horse show, is not only a sport, but also an important aspect of the region’s cultural heritage.

What’s exactly the Tbourida event ?

It is a colorful exhibition that is usually held during the seasonal festivals known as “moussem” or other cultural and religious festivals. Tbourida is a historical practice in the Maghreb region, which represents the strong relationship between man and horse. Originally from the Meknes region of Morocco,

Fantasia is a war ceremony consisting of opposing groups of horsemen, each representing the best rides of their tribe.

The Moroccan tradition of Fantasia, also known as lab al baroud (“gunpowder game” in Arabic) or Tbourida, is a stylized re-enactment of a wartime cavalry charge, a celebration of the region’s history and the bond between the horse and the rider. Fantasia is a celebration of the bond between horse and rider.

Who organizes the Fantasia ?

fantasia in morocco

Today, the practice of fantasy is still very much alive in Morocco and also affects women. Its organization and development are the responsibility of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Equestrian Sports. About 1,000 troops, called sorbas, with about 15,000 horses, were dedicated to the exercise of fantasy.

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