Travel Tips For Morocco – Things You Need To Know Before You Go

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Morocco is home to the largest desert in the world known as the Sahara desert! In Africa, Morocco is the 25th largest country with a population of nearly 34 million. Since its foundation by Idris I back in the year 788 AD. C., the country has been under the dominion of a series of independent dynasties.

How to get to Morocco

travel to morocco

The best way to get to Morocco is by plane, with flights to Marrakech, Fez, Agadir, Oujda, Nador, Casablanca or Tangier. Really cheap flights can be found on online portals like Skyscanner. If you book early enough, you’ll often get tickets starting at €80.

You can also take ferry from Spain to Morocco (Algeciras to Tangier).

Culinary in Morocco

moroccan couscous

The main Moroccan dish that people are most familiar with is couscous; Beef is the most consumed red meat in Morocco, usually eaten in a tagine with a wide selection of vegetables. Chicken is also very commonly used in tagines or asado. They also use additional ingredients like plums, boiled eggs, and lemon.

Withdraw and money change

Money in Morocco

You can exchange money only when you arrive at the airport and in any major city in Morocco. The import of dirhams is prohibited in Morocco. Currency exchange offices are also open on weekends, but banks are only open Monday through Friday. When making an exchange, you should first compare the exchange rates and check if there are any additional charges.

It is possible to withdraw money in any larger city. Most ATMs can be switched to French and English. Make sure you always have enough cash, especially in remote areas.

Shopping in Morocco

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You will find that very few things you can buy in Morocco are truly unique. The same bags, rugs and blankets are sold in almost every store, in every souk, in every village in Morocco.

Get And Register Your Sim Card In a Certified Shop, Not in The Street

Sim in Morocco

If you are planning to stay in Morocco for a long period of time, you may be wondering how to get a good internet connection while you are in the country.

The best way to get fast, decent and reliable internet in Morocco is to buy a SIM card and use your mobile data as a hotspot for your laptop.

Traditional Moroccan Clothing

Djellaba: The djellaba can be found in other North African countries, as well as in Morocco, but it is still one of the most worn garments by Moroccans.

Moroccan traditional clothes

Spoken Languages

The official language: Arabic

Other languages: Berber, French, Spanish (northern Morocco)

People in Morocco

Most Moroccans today can claim both Berber and Arab ancestry.

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