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Morocco was once home to the largest population of Jews in the Arab world, a figure in excess of 300,000. These people left a vast history visible through the ancient Jewish sites of Morocco. Today the number has largely dwindled, but many historic sites have remained intact and offer insight into the region’s unique Moroccan culture. While relations between Muslim and Jewish residents have had their ups and downs, the heritage and wealth of Morocco’s Jewish population remains a national treasure.

Morocco’s attitude towards its Jewish community, which has lived in the country for more than 3,000 years, has helped forge ties with Israel, where around 10% of Jews are of Moroccan origin.

As of 2017, according to The Economist, “No Arab country has gone to the lengths of Morocco to revive its Jewish heritage.” The country has restored 110 synagogues and has the only Jewish museum in the Arab world. More than 50,000 Israelis visit Morocco annually.

Explore the sacred path of religious sites with historic synagogues and holy tombs. Discover the beauty of Morocco through the lens of Jewish Heritage Tours. Visit the vibrant and colorful markets and browse the spice souks.

Visit these historical Jewish sites in Morocco :

  • Museum of Moroccan Judaism in – Casablanca
  • Beth-El Temple – Casablanca
  • Bayt Dakira – Essaouira
  • Aben Danan Synagogue – Fes
  • The Mellah – Fes & Rissani

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    Jewish Trips In Morocco at Morocco Voyage Tour

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